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About Us

Bomier Restoration & Remodeling was Founded by Robert T. Bomier and his serial entrepreneur grandson, Kevin.  Mr. Bomier was a World War II Army Veteran, an automotive engineer, and foremost a beloved husband (Gloria), father (Susan), grandfather and great grandfather to a large, wonderful family.  He left an incredible legacy!  Robert Bomier lived to be 94 years old and passed away on July 17, 2015.

Mr. Bomier was always the “go to guy” for bridge building challenges in the United States Army or for troubleshooting a problem with a transmission for National Broach in Chrysler’s 1963 ground-breaking turbine car!  Bomier Remodeling follows its founders’ passion for problem solving, hard-work, and delivering quality solutions.  Become a client today or join our team of nationwide professional contractors!

Thank you for affording us the privilege to assist you with your residential home needs.