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Real Estate Owned (REO) Services


Protecting and securing your home quickly allows brokers and appraisal firms to do their jobs more quickly and can lead to a timelier listing and sale. Typically, when securing, all locks, deadbolts are changed to a client-specified code. All garages, pools, sheds/outbuildings will be examined and secured with proper devices so that contractors, inspectors and brokers have proper access but the home is safe and secured. Windows, doors, and other unsecured/unsafe spaces will be boarded consistent to FHA standard or your specific requirements.

Debris Removal

Trash, clutter and debris damages home value, appeal and agent enthusiasm to sell. Under your guidance, Bomier will remove and store any personal items (per your policy) and remove any and all debris and dispose of properly, preserving your properties and allowing them to protect their value.

Cleaning Services

Clean home sell. Look to Bomier to insure your properties shine and appeal to prospective buyers. We offer comprehensive maid services including dusting, vacuuming, mopping (where appropriate), all washing, window cleaning, bathroom and kitchen cleaning and any other service to your specification.

Windows & Doors

Bomier is a direct to factory distributor of several window lines around the country giving us the unique ability to provide a wide variety of options to the investor for windows and doors. Let our expert contractors handle everything from simple repairs through complete window and door replacement. New windows make a big statement at resell!


Bomier skilled contractors will work with you for everything from simple touchups to complete interior and exterior painting. We understand that fresh paint adds instant appeal for buyers and helps an asset sell quickly and within budget.


Flooring like fresh paint can be a big selling feature and Bomier has many low-cost options that add big appeal on a small budget. We will repair/match existing flooring, provide new carpet, vinyl, tile, laminate and wood to completely rehab your assets to bring them up to market condition.


A well-manicured landscape is the key to a positive first impression. A quick update to the curb appeal of your residential assets can go a long way toward attracting buyers and maximizing your profit. Our skilled contractors will trim and re-shape overgrown shrubs and trees, provide fresh mulch and even work with you to create custom landscape solutions to make your properties pop to potential buyers before they even step through the front door.

Snow Removal

Without proper snow removal, prospective buyers could pass your property by, or the snow could present risk to the safety of first responders, realtors, contractors or others who need to visit the property. Based on your requirements, Bomier crews will be dispatched to quickly remove the snow and ice from your residential assets.

Pool Maintenance/Securing

Pools that are not properly maintained present a serious and potentially dangerous condition, not to mention they can be a real turn-off for potential buyers. Bomier is skilled in pool security and maintenance, and we are equipped to handle any pool related condition you may encounter.


Real-estate professionals often request a home be de-winterized to perform a home inspection or additional repairs. Bomier professionals can support the listing broker with this service and return the home to a winterization condition if necessary afterward.

Basement Rehabilitation

Bomier network of skilled contractors are skilled at addressing the varied concerns that can arise in properties with basements. From water remediation, treatment of mold, structural concerns or even full blown rehabs to below-grade space, we can mitigate any issue that can have a negative impact on your properties.

Full Property Rehabilitations

As a turnkey provider of full property rehab services, Bomier is well positioned to take your residential assets and put them into market-ready condition. Whether you are looking for a top to bottom rehab or a simple rental turn, our experienced contractors are well versed at taking distressed properties and transitioning them from blighted to beautiful. Let us create value in your portfolio through any number of renovation services.